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Multi-Nozzle Centrifugal Jet Fans 280-315   
Fan impeller of centrifugal type to match site requirement for low noise and high efficiency. All impeller with galvanized sheet steel and press-fitted directly onto the rotor of external rotor motor Minimum thermal and mechanical stress in the bearing (min. L10 is 40.000 hours) Electrical design - Class F, IP54. Terminal Box with fuse as standard, Indicating light, Speed controller and regulator, CO, Smoke or temperature detector, as optional. Nozzle at outlet is made of aluminum with 24 degree blow angle for low noise and wide discharge and constant impulse to achieve optimum air distribution profile and performance. The 85, 100, 125, 140 mm diameter multiple nozzles are precision aluminum spinning to give effective thrust. Fan casing can be of single unit galvanize sheet type or composed of panel type using with extruded aluminum profile with inlet protective guard attached. All single unit type or panels casing come with 20mm glass wool effective for heat transmission co-efficient and sound attenuation. Special powder coating on request (RAL colors). Depending on the model required, material thickness of scroll and panel must be at least 1.0mm thickness.