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Jet Fan 180-370   
WOLTER Jet Fans are manufactured in standard sizes of 180 200, 250, 315, 355 and 370 mm impeller diameter and cover all thrust requirements usually found in relevant specifications. The fan motor unit is mounted in a sound-attenuated galvanized steel casing. By installing an adequate number of jet fans in an enclosed car park, a constant air-movement can be created ensuring that the CO concentration all over the car park is maintained in line with building regulations. By a well-designed system of jet fans, the accumulation of exhaust fumes in dead areas can be avoided. The costly installation of ductwork becomes obsolete and the required total capacity of fans can be reduced as pressure drops created by the ducting are avoided. WOLTER jet fans can be produced in a high temperature configuration that will ensure operation at both ambient temperature for CO-ventilation and elevated temperature of 300C for at least one hour. By utilizing fully reversible impeller technology, the thrust direction of each individual fan can be controlled to contain smoke within the affected area and direct it to the nearest exhaust point. This helps to keep emergency exits free of smoke and prevents smoke from contaminating non-affected areas of the car park.
Computational-Fluid-Dynamics Design The initial step in the design of a jet fan ventilation system should always be a careful analysis of the air distribution and ventilation situation based on thorough CFD design. CFD simulation uses purpose-built software that allows us to create a 3-dimensional image of the car park. After determining all relevant parameters such as required air-change rates, volume and air flow direction, the different ventilation scenarios can be studied taking into account all of the above factors. The number, size and positioning of jet fans can then be optimized. CFD software visualizes direction vectors of airflows as well as air speed profiles and average age of air distribution in all parts of the car park.