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J5 to J15
The Induction Fans covers all profile requirements in relevant specifications and are incorporated with high efficient EC motors that are generally maintenance-free. Energy costs can be reduced by nearly 60% compare to conventional motors.
The induction fans, allow :
• Uniform air distribution and no dead spots.
• Better air quality, expel stagnant, dirty exhaust gas and hot air
• Capital cost of the induction fan system is outweighed by potential savings over the traditional ducted system. ie costly installation of ductwork becomes obsolete
• Effective cooling by inducing 120% more air than normal fans
• High efficiency resulting in energy savings and fast amortization.
• Long service life and robust design
• Flexible installation and complementary with existing ductwork system
• Virtually “maintenance-free”, minimal or no maintenance cost
•The unit comes with EC motorized impellers to give a high volume flow and induction capability.
• The Induction fans are ideal for use in underground car parks, passage ways, garages, ware­houses and workshops.
Operating Range
• Maximum Air handling Capacity: 3560 CMH • Maximum Temperature: 40˚C
• 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 fan units of modular design
• EC motorized impellers to give a high volume flow and induction capability
• Low profile fan housing of the induction fan is manufactured as one integral unit to minimize headroom obstruction
• The inlet and outlet cones are manufactured from precision injection-moulded casted aluminium. The aerodynamically shaped outlet comes with built-in guide vanes unit to give maximum air performance at low noise and a smooth velocity profile
• Inlet protective screen comply with BS3042 finger proof requirements
• Discharge vanes allow the adjustment of the airflow in 8 directions to match the mounting brackets at various angles